We offer group dental and vision plans through the
Small Business Benefit Plan Trust. 

Plans are available to California based groups
 of two (2) or more employees.

We also have an individual or group list bill DeltaCare plan available to California residents.

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We Offer Three Types of Delta Dental Plans

Enhanced composite resin restoration benefits

Delta Dental Premier Plans
While most indemnity plans are not supported by a dental network, Delta Dental Premier is a network-based indemnity product.  This means that enrollees who choose to visit a Premier network dentist will on average have lower out-of-pocket costs than with other carriers' non-network-based indemnity plans.  Not only does Delta Dental Premier offer enrollees the freedom to visit any dentist, it also provides meaningful quality and cost protections.  Since Delta Dental Premier Dentists agree to accept fees that are generally lower than average submitted fees for an area, a Delta Dental Premier plan can potentially provide savings for both employers and employees alike. Over 92% of California and 75% of U.S. dentists are participating.
Delta Dental PPO plus Premier

Delta's unique PPO plan design feature - employers can take advantage of the savings from the PPO plan while providing employees with expanded access to Delta Dental dentists who can limit their out-of-pocket costs. 
Delta Dental PPO plus Premier combines the PPO and Premier networks to maximize opportunities to save money.  PPO dentists accept fees that are more deeply discounted than the fees accepted by dentists who participate in the larger Premier network.  Employees who visit a non-PPO dentist can save more by visiting a Premier dentist than they can by visiting a non-Delta Dental dentist.  PPO plus Premier provides maximum network access while offering deeper savings within the PPO network and a level of cost protection with the Premier network.
Dental Dental PPO dentists are reimbursed at the lesser of the submitted charge or the PPO provider's contracted fee. 
Delta Dental Premier dentists are reimbursed at the lesser of the submitted charge or the Premier provider's contracted fee. 
Non-contracted dentists are reimbursed at the lesser of the submitted charge or the fee that satisfies a majority of the dentists with the same training and geographical area.

PPO Classic Plans
Delta Dental PPO is Delta Dental’s preferred provider organization program. The program provides maximum benefit when you visit a PPO Dentist.  PPO dentists are Delta dentists who have agreed to charge PPO patients reduced fees.  Under the PPO program, you may visit any licensed dentist you wish.  However reimbursement will be based on the PPO provider’s contracted fee both in and out of network.  50% of California dentists are Delta Dental Preferred Providers.

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DeltaCare Plans for a Family or Voluntary List bill Group
Delta Dental offers a dental HMO program, DeltaCare, to take care of the dental care needs for individuals, families and can be used in a voluntary list bill situation.  The DeltaCare program focuses on preventing dental problems and assuring the delivery of quality dental care.


VSP® Vision Care puts employees first and guarantees their satisfaction.
As the only national not-for-profit in vision care, we reinvest in the things our clients and members value most. Employees enjoy the lowest out-of-pocket costs and the freedom to choose their provider, location and eyewear. Employers get Smarter Vision Care™ that improves productivity and retention, while lowering healthcare costs. Because we put employees first, VSP has 99% client satisfaction and we’re consumers’ #1 choice in vision care.

Vision Service Plans
VSP Signature access plans for groups.  With VSP Open Access you can select any provider nationwide.  We have 13 different options available.

Voluntary Vision Service Plans
VSP Signature access plans for voluntary group situations.  With VSP Open Access you can select any provider nationwide.  We have 8 different options available.

The Real Cost of Vision
While it's important to look at things like premium and frequency when researching vision plans, you shouldn't lose sight of out-of-pocket costs—employees' #1 priority in a vision plan. If your clients aren't offering VSP®, their employees could pay up to $588 more for the same glasses.

Check out our handout or video below to learn why, then share this information with your clients.

Real Cost of Vision Video

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