COBRA Administration

For the COBRA Participant
Make your COBRA Election
Important Information about your Federal COBRA Continuation
Upload a file or form completed off line
Request a New Wallet Card
Make a Premium Payment via Credit Card
Make a One Time Premium Payment from your Bank Account
Set Up or Update Automatic Payment from your Bank Account
Request Invoices be emailed instead of mailed through US Postal Service
Report a Change of Address for Premium Invoicing
Report a change or correction to an individual's name, birth date or SS#
Cancel COBRA Plan
Request a Reprint of your Invoice
Request a copy of your ledger reflecting payment and charges
Search for Providers, Check Eligibility and Where to send Claims
Contact Us
For the group that has coverage directly with Delta Dental
and utilizes our services only for COBRA Administration.
Click here for an Adobe Acrobat file of the Federal Dental only COBRA form.  

Click here to report COBRA qualifying events and have us mail the COBRA election notice 
If you sent out the COBRA election notice,
click here to inform us that a member has elected COBRA and to start invoicing