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We offer a variety of Delta Dental Plans utilizing both the PPO and Premier networks.  On all of our group plans, the member has a freedom of choice in the provider they use.

The cost to the member will always be less if they utilize a Delta Dental PPO provider.

Delta Dental High Option, Premier and Choice Plans
These plans combine the PPO and Premier networks to maximize opportunities to save money. PPO dentists accept fees that are more deeply discounted than the fees accepted by dentists who participate in the larger Premier network. Employees who visit a non-PPO dentist can save more by visiting a Premier dentist than they can by visiting a non-Delta Dental dentist. The plans provide maximum network access while offering deeper savings and better benefits within the PPO network and a level of cost protection with the Premier network.

PPO Classic Plans
Under the Classic plans, you may visit any licensed dentist you wish. However, reimbursement will be based on the PPO providerís contracted fee both in and out of network. 69% of California dentists are Delta Dental Preferred Providers.

Send Dental Claims to: 
Delta Dental Plan of California
PO Box 997330 Sacramento CA 95899-7330. 

Delta Dental Customer Service

If you are enrolled in our DeltaCare USA Plan,
please contact
DeltaCare Customer Service

Vision Service Plan Providers
PRIOR to making an appointment for services...
Call the customer service line (800-877-7195),
or use the VSP Doctor Search on their web site. 

For non-participating providers claims,
please log into VSP's web site and follow their prompts to submit a claim.
VSP Customer Service